Features of a Reliable Rental Car Company

There are many car hire companies providing professional services in a very effective way. People utilize their services for different purposes like business, leisure, educational, recreational and many others travelling purposes. They provide different types of services like chauffeur driven cars for airport transfers and other occasions like sports and social events, corporate events, business purposes an weddings. These companies provide executive and luxury car services and give a variety of different kind of vehicles according to the requirement of the clients.

As there is a lot of competition in this field so to be unique gives a chance to excel in this field. To become a reliable company every rental company should have following characteristics. In this way your client will rely on you and hence it can build a strong and trustworthy relation with your client.

Easy To access Website

It’s very necessary to have an impressive and easy to access website. It should be easy to navigate. The companies should give all the details about their different premium, executive and luxury packages as well as rates, variety of cars and unique features to attract the clients.

Customer Services

Excellent customer services give a very good impression to the clients and they want to avail your professional and reliable services again and again. For the success of any business customer services play a very important so companies should provide best and up to the mark services as well as take the feedback of the clients to improve the quality of the services.

Best vehicles

This business is all about providing best quality and modern vehicles according to the requirement of the clients so try to update the range of your vehicles and provide new models to attract your clients as compare to your competitors. The vehicles should be of good quality and regularly maintained.

Attractive Packages and reasonable rates

Try to give attractive promotional packages as well as reasonable rates to make more and more clients. Best services with decent rates give you maximum output as well as success. Low rates as compare to your competitors give you more business and a space to excel.

Wedding Chauffeuring

Providing the best services at special occasion of wedding by reliable and nicely groomed chauffeurs is called wedding chauffeuring. These well trained chauffeurs also provide best services make your day memorable as well as escort you, your family and friends to the ceremony, the reception or anywhere else you need to go. They add a style, comfort and luxury in the way to your wedding ceremony and back. Many companies are providing best services, classy, trendy and best cars to make your special day more special. Godalming, Guildford, Woking, Surrey and London wherever you are you can avail these services but always try to hire most reputed company for best services.

Wedding Cars

Wedding cars are in huge demands throughout the world because everyone wants to hire a classy and trendy wedding car.

Chauffeur Driven Cars

Wedding Chauffeurs are the professional drivers provide you the best services according to up to the mark standards on your special day so chauffeur driven cars are also a best option on your big day. It will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and luxurious. In this way you can not only travel in a beautiful car but have a luxurious and executive journey too.

Wedding car is very vital and main part to make your event unforgettable and classy. A car is very vital element of a wedding day. An elegant and stylish car makes it more wonderful as it makes the arrival of bride and groom more elegant, stylish and amazing and they become the centre of attraction.

Options for a Wedding car

There are different options for a wedding car to select your dream car on your big day like: Aston Martin, Audi, Austin Princess, Beau ford, Bentley, Chrysler, Daimler, Ferrari, Jaguar,  Lamborghini, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Sports cars, Vintage Wedding Cars and Volkswagen. You can select a car on you big day according to the requirements of the event.

Transportation for Guests

At this special occasion of wedding transportation for the guests is also very important as they are here for you on your big day so also well organized good quality transport for your guests too according to the number of the guests. Good transportation arrangement is very necessary for a well organized wedding ceremony.

Advantage of Good Rental Company

A Good Rental company takes good care of all your requirements and provides best and professional services according to your budget and requirements.

Top Ten Luxury Car Brands

People usually spent a lot of finance to buy a good car for their convenience, luxury and comfort. Some people usually buy a car only for the sake of transportation only and they can also easily compromise on an ordinary car but some people has a craze to buy luxury executive cars with higher eminence equipment, enhanced performance, more accurate construction, comfort, perfect design, technologically contemporary features that express  status and reputation. Luxury car market has been segmented into premium, executive, high class and ultra luxury cars.

The vehicles type that comes in the umbrella of luxury cars are sedancoupehatchbackstation wagon, and convertible.

The top luxury car brands are:


It is at the top of the luxury car market. Like Mercedes-Benz, this brand is well known around the world for both luxury and performance in all of their vehicles. Since 1975, this German company has produced the 3-series car, a model which has maintained a high level of popularity since its beginning.

Mercedes- Benz

If you are going to plan to buy a stylish, modern, luxury and executive car, then Mercedes Benz C will serve a great option. It has two perfect characteristics like new style and new engine. These are two best reasons to buy this car. It provides complete comfort and a beautiful modern interior. It has also SL and S class.


It is Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus RX is mid-sized luxurious and comfortable car. The RX shows the growing popularity of the crossover market and boasts good sales of its large and small luxury sedans.


German company Audi has been around since the 1930s and is known today as one of the big three German automakers. Today, Audi is known as a performance and luxury brand which holds a major part of luxury car market.


 Cadillac is one of luxury car manufacturer. Due to its design and interior it is basically manufactured to appeal youngsters.


Japanese carmaker Acura, the luxury brand of Honda is a very popular comfortable and executive car having perfect design and interior.


It is Nissan’s luxury brand, Infiniti provides a range of vehicles which often resemble their Nissan counterparts but have additions like softer suspension, better audio tools, navigation systems and leather interiors.


The perfect interior designing of Jaguar XJ gives the driver & the passengers, a feel as if they are riding on an ideal luxurious car. It has high performance and four full leather furnished spacious seats is perfect for everyone.


This car has relatively simple interiors and in 1990’s its changing modern shape increased its sales tremendously.

Land Rover

Land Rover breaks into the top 10 of luxury brand sales all over the world. It’s a perfect luxury car having perfect design, technology and interior.

Features and Comfort Of Mercedes-Benz E Class

Mercedes-Benz is totally a luxurious and executive car having tremendous features in terms of safety, ride control, style and interior. Its chauffeurs all time favorite car due to its features and usually celebrities hire such type of luxurious and executive chauffeur driven cars.

A newly urbanized diesel engine joined with trivial design and aerodynamics features set the standards for effectiveness in this part. New comfortable and luxury features make it more luxurious and executive.

The key competitors of this car are BMW 5-SeriesAudi A6Jaguar XFLexus GS and the Infiniti Q70.

Interior Features

  • There is stylish interior includes high-resolution display. All individual and stylish elements generate and emphasize the horizontal orientation of the interior design
  • 10 -way power passenger seats
  • Seats with power adjustable perfect support
  • Comfortable driving seat with height adjustable
  • Bucket Front Seats
  • Height adjustable passengers seats
  • Folding center armrest
  • Ventilation back ducts
  • High-quality materials define the interior style

Power Features

  • Touch sensitive control buttons on the steering wheel
  • Remote keyless power door locks
  • Power windows
  • Multi chamber air suspension all round in this way occupants enjoy soft base suspension, good handling and stability in speed.

Stylish Instrument and Entertainment

  • Clock
  • External temperature display
  • Computer
  • Tachometer
  • Perfect navigation system
  • Video monitor
  • DVD player
  • Memory card slot
  • FM stereo
  • Usb Connection
  • Memory card slot
  • Bluetooth wireless data link for hands free phone

Comfort and Luxury

  • Leather steering wheel
  • Interior air filtration
  • Double climate control both for passengers and drivers
  • Illuminating vanity mirrors
  • Turn signals in mirrors


  • Destination guidance
  • Transmission controls and audio controls on steering wheel
  • Collective remote transmitter
  • Front seatback storage
  • Front and rear door pockets
  • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
  • Electric power steering
  • Overhead console with storage
  • Front and rear cup holders

Safety Features

  • Front and back airbags
  • Child seat anchors
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Emergency braking aid
  • Child safety locks
  • Ventilated disc brake
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Daytime running lights
  • Stability control
  • High Ride Control
  • Traction control
  • Pre-collision safety system
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Tracking Assistance
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Emergency Braking system
  • Turn signal Mirrors

Luxurious Cars

People usually spent a lot of finance to buy a good car for their convenience, luxury and comfort. Some people usually buy a car only for the sake of transportation only and they can also easily compromise on an ordinary car but some people has a craze to buy luxury executive cars with higher eminence equipment, enhanced performance, more accurate construction, comfort, perfect design, technologically contemporary features that express  status and reputation. Luxury car market has been segmented into premium, executive, high class and ultra luxury cars.

The vehicles type that comes in the umbrella of luxury cars are sedancoupehatchbackstation wagon, and convertible.

Super Luxury Cars Ranking

According to car ranking the top super luxury cars are:

  • 2015 Mercedes Benz S- class
  • 2015 Audi A-8
  • 2015 BMW 7 Series
  • 2015 BMW 6 Series
  • 2015 Lexus LS
  • 2015 Jaguar XJ

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

According to another ranking top 10 most expensive luxury cars are:

  • 2015 Ferrari La Ferrari
  • 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder
  • 2015 Lamborghini Aventador
  • 2015 Roll Royce Phantom
  • 2015 Roll Royce Phantom Drop head
  • 2015 Roll Royce Phantom Coupe
  • 2016 Bentley Mulsanne
  • 2015 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
  • 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost
  • 2015 Ferrari FF

Features of Luxury Vehicles

There are certain specific features of every luxury car:

  • Luxurious Interior including comfortable seating, carpeting, climate control system and technologically advance
  • Comfortable, luxurious and smooth ride
  • Excellent Handing
  • Best and high quality equipment
  • Best ever navigation system
  • Well designed safety features like seven air bags, a side blind zone Alert system, a Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Forward Collision Alert, and Lane Departure Warning etc
  • Fuel efficient and economically perfect
  • Tremendous facilities such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and DVD entertainment system.

So in short we can shortly describe the luxurious cars as a perfect comfort and safety package with tremendous luxurious amenities.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction for a business

For the success of each and every business customer satisfaction is very necessary. This term is usually used in the business to determine how products or services by a company meet a customer’s anticipation and needs. Usually companies conduct surveys to measure customer satisfaction to improve the quality and standard of their products as well as services.

Customer satisfaction is very necessary as it leads to the brand loyalty. Customer satisfaction surveys usually work as vital tools for improving your business and ensuring your customers are contented, happy and loyal. Online surveys are simple and convenient way to find out that your customers are really satisfied by your services and products.

Related Statistics

There are some stats according to some surveys that demonstrate that why in marketing and for the success of your business customer satisfaction is necessary.

  • A “totally satisfied” customer contributes 2.6 times more profit to your company than a “dissatisfied” customer.
  • A “totally satisfied” customer contributes 17 times more income to your business than a dissatisfied customer.
  • A totally dissatisfied customer decreases revenue to your business 18 times more than a totally satisfied customer contributes to a company.

Importance of Customer Satisfaction for a business

  • Important indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty

By measuring the results of customer satisfaction you can indicate consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty. For example by taking the rating from 1 to 10 and the customer who gives you 7 and above indicates satisfaction as well as great chances of repurchasing. Rating of 9 and 10 shows customers having brand loyalty and below 6 indicates dissatisfaction of customer.

  • Point of differentiation

What makes a difference, ‘Who takes good care of their customers’. It’s actually a key to success in every business.

  • Decreases customer’s disconcert

As customer satisfaction is very necessary and according to a survey good customer services all the disconcert of customer and used as a metric for success in a business.

  • Increases Revenues and profits

A good and a wise business man understand that satisfaction of customer as well as customer retention has direct effects on the business in terms of profits and income.

  • Reduces negative Reputation

A happy and satisfied as well as satisfied customer always promote a good repute of your business that plays a vital part for making more customer and ultimately more and more income.

  • Retention Of customers

To retain a customer is easy than to make new one. So retention of customer plays a very important part too. There are different retention strategies like use blogs for educating customers, Launch Promotions, Customer satisfaction surveys and best customer services etc.

Importance of Customer Services in the Success of a Business

A customer service is the key to success for every business. It’s not just giving the information about your product and services but also a process to build a strong and long lasting relation with your client or customer. In simple words it’s the interaction between the customer and service or product provider before, during or after the sale.

Key Traits for providing Good Customer Services

There are following points that should keep in mind to provide best services to the clients.Top of FormBottom of Form

  • Persistence or Patience
  • Vigilance
  • Attentiveness
  • Ability to listen to customers for providing good service
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Knowledge of the Product
  • Acting Skills to give quick response to the customers
  • Good Time Management Skills
  • Ability to understand customer requirements
  • Goal Oriented Focus
  • Ability to handle every situation
  • Persuasion Skills
  • Firmness
  • Good Listening skills
  • Building customer confidence
  • Managing Opportunities
  • Meeting customer needs with an effective approach
  • Proving enchantment for customers
  • Growth of customer relationship

If we talk about local business or specifically a car hire business there is huge importance of customer services in it and also client’s satisfaction. There is a huge competition in this business so to be exclusive in services as well as excellent customer services are two main factors that give you a name in the competition.

To start a business and then for its growth every firm requires a marketing strategy. By marketing strategy you set some acquired goals and then try to fulfill those. One of the key marketing strategies is creating strong customer relations that are only possible due to strong and excellent customer services.

Importance of Customer Services

Excellent customer service is very important because it helps to:

  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Ultimate increase in the amount of money each customer spends with your business
  • Increase the average sale
  • Raise your positive reputation
  • Decrease hurdles to buying or availing services due to correct and timely information

Good customer service

Providing good customer services is all about treating your customers respectfully , giving importance to their feedback, managing and handling their complaints, understanding your customers’ needs and requirements, act beyond customer expectations and give your best to help them. It’s vital part of your business for maximum growth and ultimate boost.

Advantages of using GPS Vehicle’s Navigation System

For safer and relaxed driving there is increasing trend of using car navigation system in the vehicles. Having various perfect features these navigation systems help the driver to reach at the destination in time easily.

Working of Vehicle’s navigation system

  • Identification of Vehicle’s location

Navigation system has GPS antenna and receiver through which it receive signal from satellite and identify the vehicle’s location.

  • Direction Sensors

Through direction sensor system identifies the car’s direction.

  • Speed Sensors

Navigation system has a speed sensor which has ability to detect the vehicle’s travel distance.

  • Car Navigation System Screen

For displaying information there is a car navigation system screen.

  • Map Database

Route-related information is displayed on the screen.

  • Working of Navigation Computer

Navigation computer verify information from the antenna and sensors against the map database and illustrate the results on the display using the car navigation system’s control circuitry.

There are a lot of advantages of using a car’s navigation system:

  • Easy Access Through Right Direction

By using the different data features of navigation system and reading the map correctly you can easily reach at your destination by accessing the right direction.

  • Avoid Heavy Traffic

There are different features in a navigation system to avoid heavy traffics. You can specify your direction as according to working satellite system gets live data on its control system. Through this you can avoid rush and jams and reach at your destination on time easily.

  • Security

GPS gadgets has tremendous features as travelling in another city or country or misplace or forget your way it’s perfect thing that guides you towards your destination and helps to find your way. It is very beneficial for the alone women who drives or for driving late night. It’s a perfect way for a secure drive.

  • Minimum Time and Fuel Consumption

The system gives possible routes from which you can choose the shortest and safest route for your convenience. So this is the best way to you can save your time as well as fuel.

  • Convenience

The benefits of car navigation systems are linked to a small unit and it is very easy to use. Now days, it is quite common to see car hire companies installing navigation system in their vehicles to inveigle their clients. If a rental car is stolen, GPS easily finds it without losing any time. So it is very convenient to use.

Executive Travel with Luxury Mercedes Car

Executive travel means travel to your destination with all comfort, ease and style and comfort while having the ability to work or relax while during the journey. There are many car hire companies provide professional services pick and drop in time and in very comfortable way. These companies have a wide range of modern and luxurious cars like Mercedes saloon to give their clients a complete comfort with luxury.

Mercedes car is a big name in luxurious cars and like other luxury vehicles Mercedes Benz cars come with a number of added features help drivers with road safety, and to make driving more comfortable. Some features are included in a variety of modern cars, but some are exclusive. In short it provides comfort and safety all at a same time.

Exclusive Features

These exclusive Features are:


Due to its size and inner comfortable interior it’s a perfect match of comfort, ease and luxury that provides you a perfect executive and comfortable travelling.

Tank Capacity

It gives a perfect average mileage of 18 miles per gallon and having 26 gallon capacity. Its air stream is also equipped with fresh water tank having capacity of 32 gallons.

Navigation System

Mercedes models have built in navigation system. These navigation systems are one of the best. These systems can be updated and upgraded as technology and roads change.

Backup Camera

For the safety purposes there is also back camera.This is an added safety feature that lets you see the road behind you while the car is set to “reverse.” It turns on automatically when the reverse gear is selected. The field behind the car shows up on a screen on the dashboard. This helps prevent accidents.


There is high quality stereo system in Mercedes vehicles. These can include Bluetooth, which allows you to connect the stereo with your phone or MP3 player, and multiple CD changers.


The Mercedes is in general Grade-A luxury vehicle. With profligate features and abundance of space, comfort is at the top of the list. Along with all of the interior facilities, this vehicle is perfect for executive travelling.

Chauffeur Taxi Hire Business Goals and Objectives

Business goals and objectives are something that a company needs to achieve. It’s actually decided in planning process and mention in business plans. These goals actually give a path that what a company needs to accomplish in the whole year. There are different types of goals and objectives the company has regarding departments, employees, policies and marketing efforts.

Purpose of Goals and Objectives

Small companies apply a variety of goals and objectives to make improvement and growth. Goals must be realistic, precise and achievable. Small business owners must also allocate explicit time frames for achieving their goals and objectives.

Usually the smaller companies have goals regarding sales, profitability and customer services. The companies achieving their goals and objectives have more growth and development regarding other competitors.

There are some general goals and objectives that a company usually acquires for increasing growth:

  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Customer Service
  • Employee Retention
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Core Values
  • Growth
  • Maintain Financing
  • Change Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales growth
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Research and Development

Example of a Car Hire Company

If we take an example of some local business like car hire company providing services in Surrey, London, Godalming, Dorking etc. The services include Airport transfers, chauffeur driven executive and luxurious cars, Wedding car hire, Prom car hire and other car hire services for business, corporate, social and sports events. Then what should be the aims and objective of such type of small business to earn more money and for increasing growth and development:

  • Business Model

First of all make a business model according to your resources, competitive market, technology, rates and customers as well as according to best possible opportunities. Then stick to this model for maximum growth.

  • Customer Services

Don’t ever compromise on customer services because good customer and organization relation is key to success for the company.

  • Best Services

Provide best services with maintained vehicles. This will make you different from other companies.

  • Employee Satisfaction

Give priority to your employee as their efforts are very important and for their satisfaction provide them benefits as much as possible.

  • Profitability

Optimize your profitability.

  • Proper management of Finances

For rapid growth and development try to manage your finances and provide best economical rates to the customers.

  • Exclusive Services

Try to give exclusive professional services because your business exclusive characteristics provide opportunities to draw the customer to you and pay more.

  • Sales and Marketing

Don’t neglect sales and marketing because marketing is very important to give a exposure to your services in front of your clients.

These are some key points for maximum profitability. But it should be clear that every business has some own requirements so they set goals according to them and according to their resources. The main thing to understand is that these goals should be practical and achievable.