Executive Travel with Luxury Mercedes Car

Executive travel means travel to your destination with all comfort, ease and style and comfort while having the ability to work or relax while during the journey. There are many car hire companies provide professional services pick and drop in time and in very comfortable way. These companies have a wide range of modern and luxurious cars like Mercedes saloon to give their clients a complete comfort with luxury.

Mercedes car is a big name in luxurious cars and like other luxury vehicles Mercedes Benz cars come with a number of added features help drivers with road safety, and to make driving more comfortable. Some features are included in a variety of modern cars, but some are exclusive. In short it provides comfort and safety all at a same time.

Exclusive Features

These exclusive Features are:


Due to its size and inner comfortable interior it’s a perfect match of comfort, ease and luxury that provides you a perfect executive and comfortable travelling.

Tank Capacity

It gives a perfect average mileage of 18 miles per gallon and having 26 gallon capacity. Its air stream is also equipped with fresh water tank having capacity of 32 gallons.

Navigation System

Mercedes models have built in navigation system. These navigation systems are one of the best. These systems can be updated and upgraded as technology and roads change.

Backup Camera

For the safety purposes there is also back camera.This is an added safety feature that lets you see the road behind you while the car is set to “reverse.” It turns on automatically when the reverse gear is selected. The field behind the car shows up on a screen on the dashboard. This helps prevent accidents.


There is high quality stereo system in Mercedes vehicles. These can include Bluetooth, which allows you to connect the stereo with your phone or MP3 player, and multiple CD changers.


The Mercedes is in general Grade-A luxury vehicle. With profligate features and abundance of space, comfort is at the top of the list. Along with all of the interior facilities, this vehicle is perfect for executive travelling.