Top Ten Luxury Car Brands

People usually spent a lot of finance to buy a good car for their convenience, luxury and comfort. Some people usually buy a car only for the sake of transportation only and they can also easily compromise on an ordinary car but some people has a craze to buy luxury executive cars with higher eminence equipment, enhanced performance, more accurate construction, comfort, perfect design, technologically contemporary features that express  status and reputation. Luxury car market has been segmented into premium, executive, high class and ultra luxury cars.

The vehicles type that comes in the umbrella of luxury cars are sedancoupehatchbackstation wagon, and convertible.

The top luxury car brands are:


It is at the top of the luxury car market. Like Mercedes-Benz, this brand is well known around the world for both luxury and performance in all of their vehicles. Since 1975, this German company has produced the 3-series car, a model which has maintained a high level of popularity since its beginning.

Mercedes- Benz

If you are going to plan to buy a stylish, modern, luxury and executive car, then Mercedes Benz C will serve a great option. It has two perfect characteristics like new style and new engine. These are two best reasons to buy this car. It provides complete comfort and a beautiful modern interior. It has also SL and S class.


It is Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus RX is mid-sized luxurious and comfortable car. The RX shows the growing popularity of the crossover market and boasts good sales of its large and small luxury sedans.


German company Audi has been around since the 1930s and is known today as one of the big three German automakers. Today, Audi is known as a performance and luxury brand which holds a major part of luxury car market.


 Cadillac is one of luxury car manufacturer. Due to its design and interior it is basically manufactured to appeal youngsters.


Japanese carmaker Acura, the luxury brand of Honda is a very popular comfortable and executive car having perfect design and interior.


It is Nissan’s luxury brand, Infiniti provides a range of vehicles which often resemble their Nissan counterparts but have additions like softer suspension, better audio tools, navigation systems and leather interiors.


The perfect interior designing of Jaguar XJ gives the driver & the passengers, a feel as if they are riding on an ideal luxurious car. It has high performance and four full leather furnished spacious seats is perfect for everyone.


This car has relatively simple interiors and in 1990’s its changing modern shape increased its sales tremendously.

Land Rover

Land Rover breaks into the top 10 of luxury brand sales all over the world. It’s a perfect luxury car having perfect design, technology and interior.